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Welcome to Fire On Your Head, the podcast designed to "kick you out of the upper room". We're a discussion and interview-styled show hosted by me, Steve Bremner, a blogger, author, and missionary to Peru. Join me as I interview authors and other interesting people, and sometimes post shows just by myself getting something out of my system. Sometimes I'm funny, sometimes serious, but hopefully you'll find it always worthwhile.

Mar 2, 2017

This week our episode centers around a sample chapter from my new audiobook for Nine Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues which is finally available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

Links mentioned in the show:

Dec 10, 2016

You may have noticed I’ve been posting fewer podcast episodes in recent months as well. I haven’t gone anywhere, but I have added a new habit to my lifestyle that in some ways has interfered with the time in my routine I used to have for writing and recording. I’ve been going to the gym.

For the first time in my...

May 2, 2011

Join us for part two of our discussion with Brian Parkman, where we continue talking about speaking in tongues and the process of edification. We also get sharing some interesting testimonies of leading people in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and answer some specific objections and thoughts that have been shared with...

Apr 25, 2011

This week we continue our discussion on speaking in tongues, this time with returning guest Brian Parkman. Brian's a teacher at the FIRE School of Ministry, specializing in this very topic. This week we cover the purpose of speaking and praying in tongues, and why you don't want to miss out on this as just "one" of...

Mar 27, 2011

This week Dave Edwards and Steve Bremner try to cover the subject of speaking in tongues, but this time from the angle of asking specifically if speaking in tongues the initial evidence of Spirit Baptism?  Steve says yes, pretty much always, while Dave says almost always, and take it from there basically and politely...