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Welcome to Fire On Your Head, the podcast designed to "kick you out of the upper room". We're a discussion and interview-styled show hosted by me, Steve Bremner, a blogger, author, and missionary to Peru. Join me as I interview authors and other interesting people, and sometimes post shows just by myself getting something out of my system. Sometimes I'm funny, sometimes serious, but hopefully you'll find it always worthwhile.

Jan 29, 2016

This week I finally get around to publishing an episode I recorded back in November before things got really busy for Lili and me. In today’s post I want to give you some updates about the feedback we got on the last episode (back in September) with Dan Daily about the Done with Church “movement”.

Never have I gotten as much feedback for an episode as that one, so I share some of the feedback!

Make sure to check out the following items mentioned in this week’s episode:

And don’t forget to pre-order a copy of my new book, 9 Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues available everywhere February 16th.

Blessings and fire on your head,

Stevie B