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Welcome to Fire On Your Head, the podcast designed to "kick you out of the upper room". We're a discussion and interview-styled show hosted by me, Steve Bremner, a blogger, author, and missionary to Peru. Join me as I interview authors and other interesting people, and sometimes post shows just by myself getting something out of my system. Sometimes I'm funny, sometimes serious, but hopefully you'll find it always worthwhile.

Sep 1, 2011

Presence removes the need for argument. Revival is a bi-product of His presence.

Join us this week as we go in a completely different direction from last week’s discussion and cover the presence of God. This week we talk with Jeremy Connor, a friend of Dave Edwards’ and teacher at Bethel Life in their home church. We had a lot of fun yet covered some deep stuff as well, and ask challenging questions like: Do you value a book or do you value HIM? Is being ‘desperate’ for God or “spiritually hungry” actually a good thing, or a sign of maturity? Is it really that easy to quench or grieve the Holy Spirit?

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